This Is Me. - Edwin Williams Photography LLC

Hello, and welcome to my world of moments. 

I'm honored that you've decided to peruse through some of the images I have captured. I purchased a camera two years ago when I was food blogging because I wanted to incorporate the talent of some of the finest chefs and mixologists in the area.

As I continued snapping and clicking, I found other moments and images that also beckoned to be seen and I became passionate (read: obsessed) with having to tell their story as well.

Whether a decadent dessert, a seashore sunrise, the vibrant color of a flower, the giggle of a child or the love of family waiting to welcome a new arrival, I've found personal satisfaction in capturing and sharing these seemingly ordinary moments.

It comes fairly easy to me to "have the eye" to create a vision that smart phones or videos will never replicate. I thrive on getting to know people, places and events to present an image that you'll feel with emotion. 

The "criteria" for achieving my world of moments are:

Authenticity. Peeling the onion of a person, a situation or the vegetable itself is something that makes us all have a story to tell. Perhaps a grin, a laugh or a gust of wind occur and it  happens within the blink of an eye. Let me be that active participant. I can see who you are.

Style. If selfies, double chins, filters and blurred "pics" are your thing then have fun. I'm here to make sure the image I create is classic and uncomplicated. Forced poses and perfect hair are fine for some, but I believe life is so much more unpredictable than that.

Passion. Nothing in life should really be done half-assed, right? Don't settle for mediocre photography. Make it count. Breathe in life as I watch the moment unfold. 

Soul. Watch me illustrate a story with a professional approach, utilizing imagination and out of the box spontaneity. Life is short. Lets get to the heart of the matter early on.